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Become an Expert on New Homes Hitting the Market

Knowledge is power and early knowledge can offer you a powerful advantage, especially in tight real estate markets. Those who find properties first gain an edge by being the first have a chance to see new properties and thus the first to make offers. More often than not, this first to market knowledge pays off. This post will review how you can leverage the property search on this website to quickly access the newest properties on the market and how to setup email alerts when new properties match your criteria. It’s important to first point out that this website offers...
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Home Sales Report July 2017

Diminishing inventory of homes on the market has kept sales lower than the last two years, but has propelled the median prices of homes to reach record levels according to the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA). Their most recent sales report provided significant statistics for the month of July as shown below. STATS FOR THE MONTH OF JULY COMPARED TO JULY 2017 Home sales Decreased 5% compared to 2016 Decreased 7.5% compared to 2015 Median sales price of homes Grew 5.9% compared to 2016 Grew 28.5% compared to 2011 Inventory of homes on the market Declined 13.8% compared to 2016 Declined 45%...
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Why Rent When You Can Own?

Do you think you can afford monthly mortgage payments but not the initial down payment on a home? There are plenty of down payment assistance programs out there to help! These DPA programs are typically grants or 2nd or third mortgages that have zero percent interest rates, deferred payments and/or forgivable loans. The programs are often offered by state, county or city agencies, housing authorities, WI Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA), the Veteran’s Administration and many others. The assistance amounts vary and can be used for the down payment and possibly allowed for closing costs, prepaids, repairs and other...
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Housing Market Report – June 2017

Wisconsin’s housing market in June hit record levels for sales volume and prices according to the latest home sales report by the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA). Over the last 12 months, the median sales price for homes increased a remarkable 6.3%. According to WRA Board Chairman, Erik Sjowall (2017), lack of inventory has helped boost home prices but is the main reason why sales have not grown more. Inventory of homes for the month of June declined 18.3% compared to June of last year and has helped reduce the average days on the market. Demand for housing has been driven by...
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