10 Helpful Tips on How to Integrate Art Into Your Home.

Weaving art into your home is a perfect way to add character to your home’s décor. Pieces of art will also add a sense of depth and sophistication to any room. Here are 10 helpful tips for integrating art into your home.

Find the focal point.

Find the focal point of a room to display art. When you walk into a room, where do your eyes look first? Since the focal point of a room draws attention, it provides an ideal spot to hang artwork.

Unify a room with color.

Use the secondary color in art to use as an accent color in a room. Pillows and lampshades in the accent color can help unify the space.

Exhibit multiple pieces from the same artist.

Make a bold statement and also add cohesiveness to a space, by grouping multiple pieces of art from the same artist.

Lean artwork.

For a casual look, lean multiple pieces of artwork in different sizes instead of hanging.

Keep your head above water.

For good feng shui, artwork that has water depicted in it should not be displayed higher than your nose. If displayed higher, it can evoke the feeling of suppression.

Have art professionally framed.

 Framing artwork can make it more special and keep it in good condition.

In the office:

Display art that inspires you in the office. Art is a great way to personalize your office area and keep you inspired.

In the bedroom:

Bedroom artwork should reflect relaxation. A large-scale piece in soothing colors can help your bedroom feel more like a retreat.

Add texture.

Going beyond the canvas and blending in other works of art such as tapestries, sculptures, and pottery will help add texture and depth to a space.

Use bigger art in a small space.

For smaller rooms or spaces, using one bigger piece of art, versus multiple small pieces can help the space feel less cluttered.


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