Fall Reminders For Your Home


  • Vacuum the dryer vent. The cool and dry fall weather increases static electricity which could spark built up lint in the dryer vent and cause a fire. Cleaning out the vents will also help your dryer run more efficiently.
  • Clean the oven. Fall is a great time to run the self-cleaning cycle on your oven. The season allows you to open windows to air out the expected burning smell from caked on food and prepares your oven for upcoming holiday baking.
  • Change direction of ceiling fans. (clockwise)
  • Have heating system inspected.
  • Clean/replace furnace filters.
  • Prepare your fireplace. Clean your fireplace or hire a chimney sweep to. Don’t forget to add a chimney cap to avoid critters from crawling down your chimney.
  • Reseal/caulk drafty windows and doors and add door sweeps.


  • Bring acrylic and latex paint/caulk indoors. Freezing will ruin any acrylic or latex paint/caulk so it is best to bring them in from the garage and store them inside.
  • Inspect for cracks. Check your outdoor steps, walkways and driveway for cracks to fill to prevent freezing water from expanding them.
  • Shut off water to exterior faucets and drain hoses. Prevent damage and drain all outdoor pipes such as sprinkler systems and outdoor hoses.
  • Cut grass to 2″ at the last cutting, at the end of the growing season in late fall, prior to winter
  • Aerate and fertilize your lawn. Perforating small holes in the soil can help alleviate compaction and allow grass roots to attain more air, nutrients and water. Fertilize before 1st freeze to replace nutrients lost from soil during the hot summer. It will remain in soil and feed roots all winter.
  • Make sure trees are well watered. After the leaves fall off the trees and before the first freeze, generously water your trees.
  • Seal gaps and holes. Critters will be looking for a warm place to stay during winter.
  • Clean gutters. Avoid damage to roof and siding.
  • Rake leaves. Too many leaves in an area can inhibit spring growth.

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