2021: Year of the Yard

Outdoor spaces have become more valuable than ever. Last year’s stay at home order cooped us up at home, and altered the way we utilize our yards. Enhancing your yard and creating functional outdoor living spaces can make your home more attractive to buyers, and ultimately improve your home’s resale value.

It is important to consider what practical yard improvements you can implement to make the most of your home, while setting yourself up for success when you want to sell. Here are 7 recommendations to help you decide how to spend your money.



Landscaped homes are typically priced higher than similar homes without it. Adding hardscaping and softscaping into your home’s design will help your home look more polished and adds curb appeal.

Retaining walls, garden edging, and walkways are some hardscaping ideas to transform your yard. Planting shrubs, plants, ornamental grasses, and trees are easy ways to add texture and color to your yard.

Landscape Maintenance.

Mowing, annual mulching, and pruning shrubs helps your home look well cared for. Doing these things or hiring someone to do them for you should bring a 100% return on investment according to The National Association of REALTORS® Impact Report on Outdoor Features.



Illuminating your yard can act as a safety precaution, and also helps create an ambiance. Lighting can make your outdoor space feel more inviting.

  • Solar lights are a good option for landscape lighting.
  • Updating or adding wall sconces work nicely for areas that do not have a ceiling or overhead structure.
  • For covered outdoor patios, recessed lighting is an unobtrusive way to light up an area.


Deck or patio.

A new deck or patio will improve the livability of your outdoor area and in general, a good return on investment. If you already have one, fixing it up instead of starting from scratch may be the better route. A good pressure cleaning can instantly enhance its appearance.

Allocate some yard space.

A patio or deck provides an excellent foundation for an outdoor living space, but shouldn’t take up your whole yard. Reserve some open space to allow room for exercising at home, and providing space for kids and pets to play.

Outdoor living/dining area.

A perfect way to expand your home’s living and entertaining space is to create an outdoor living/dining area. Ideally, the space should be easily accessible to your kitchen.

Storm Water Management.

If your yard has frequent sogginess, puddling and/or flooding during the rainy season, it can cause basement issues and turn off prospective buyers when you’re trying to sell. It is recommended to have a drainage system in place.

Swales and rain gardens are some natural ways to manage storm water that helps reduce pollutant runoff, among other environmental benefits.

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