4 Recommendations for Sellers in This Unusual Market.

You may have placed your plans to sell on hold, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The local real estate market remains highly favorable for sellers, as pent up buyer demand remains intact, despite officially entering a recession.

There is still time for you to make a profitable home sale this year, but there are some details to consider in order to keep your household and the public safe. Continue reading for some recommendations on how to have a successful sale in this unusual market.

1. Decide how you want to handle showings of your home.

  • One route to take is to vacate your home before listing, if you have already found your new home.


  • If vacating your home first is not an option, allowing virtual showings only may be your preference. Video tours, 3D floor plans, and high-quality photos can boost your home’s online presence and help rouse buyer interest, without having them step a foot inside your home.


  • The final option would be to allow in-person showings with well-defined safety precautions. Learn more about the safety precautions you can implement HERE.

If you would like to discuss which option may be best for your situation, please reach out to us and our team would be happy to help.

2. Prepare your home for photos and video.

In the era of social distancing, more buyers are house hunting online and depending on listing photos and video to come to a decision. To showcase your home the best, clean and declutter rooms. Consider removing extra furniture and clearing countertops to limit distractions in the photos. A fresh coat of paint may also be appropriate.


3. Have a virtual tour.

Offering a virtual tour has become the new normal in real estate amid the days of COVID-19. Video tours can help buyers decide if the home will work for them, without doing an in-person showing. It will also help limit the amount of foot traffic through your home. Virtual tours are great for non-local buyers who are unable to travel to the area for showings.


4. Communicate what photos don’t show.

Charm buyers by highlighting recent updates to the home, neighborhood and location information, and points of interest in the local community. Your realtor can add these details in the listing description. With less physical visits to your home, potential buyers may fail to see the other benefits your home offers


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