Is the Housing Market Finally Slowing Down?

The recent real estate market has been interesting, creating a challenging market for buyers and a golden opportunity for sellers; however, recent changes have many wondering-is the housing market finally slowing down? Dropping Home Sales & Competing Offers  As inflation rates push higher, buyers have responded. The sale of existing homes experienced a 3.4% decrease between April and May of 2022 and were down 8.6%, when compared to May of 2021. Meanwhile, the sale of new builds dropped 6%, on an annual basis. It’s not just a decrease in home sales; Redfin has also reported a reduction in competing offers,… Read More

11 Things to do this Summer in Southeastern Wisconsin

Don’t fall prey to the summer blues-check out these 11 things to do! Summer is flying by this year, but before it’s over-be sure to get out there and enjoy Southeastern Wisconsin. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, here are our recommendations on 11 things to do this summer in Southeastern Wisconsin. Go Berry Picking Taking advantage of the summer’s berry season is an absolute must. From strawberries to blackberries, the Wisconsin season for berries is here. The following are the typical seasons for berry picking in Wisconsin, although they are always subject to changes based on the good… Read More

Summer 2022 Concerts in Lake Country

Is there a better way to enjoy a Wisconsin summer than kicking back in a lawn chair and listening to quality music? We would argue that there’s not. So check out these planned 2022 Summer Concerts happening in the greater Lake Country area. The events are color-coded so that you can better distinguish between them. Red = Nixon Park Concert Series (Hartland) Orange = Oconomowoc American Legion Band Concert (Oconomowoc) Blue = Bands at the Beach (Oconomowoc) Green = One-Time Events (Oconomowoc & Delafield) Purple = Twilight Concerts at Fowler Park (Oconomowoc)   June Lake Country Summer Concerts June 2nd:… Read More

Overpricing a Home is (one of) the Worst Mistakes a Seller Can Make

Have you ever heard the saying, “shoot for the moon, at least you’ll land amongst the stars.” Although the sentiment is nice when setting goals, it’s not so applicable when setting a list price for your home. When it comes to overpricing a home, there are no stars to land amongst, only low-ball offers and a long time on market.  In fact, multiple studies have shown that price is the “largest determining factor for length of time on market.” Essentially, this means that even with a stellar marketing program or a picture-perfect home, a listing could still sit on the… Read More

9 Common First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Buying your first-time home is a daunting process! Unfortunately, many experience the same common first-time home buyer mistakes – leading to trouble. By identifying the more common errors and planning around them, you are likely to avoid making these mistakes. Rushing the Process  Buying a house in today’s market is not as simple as finding a home and purchasing it. Instead, buyers should take the time to research; with areas of focus on local market, preferred neighborhoods, and a budget. We recommend planning to begin the home buying journey at least a year in advance. This timeline will allow you… Read More

Myth Monday: Buyer Real Estate Myths-Truth or Fiction?

  Myths are commonplace in our world, and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between the truth and fiction with such established lore. Unfortunately, myths are profuse on both sides of the transaction when it comes to real estate. On Myth Mondays, we will be analyzing common real estate myths and using our experiences/knowledge to label them as truth, fiction, or somewhere in between.  This Monday, our real estate myths are buyer-focused:  The first step on the path to homeownership is to start looking.  Buying a new home means no repairs Buying a condo is just like buying a… Read More

Selling Your Home: Sell it As-Is or Remodel?

Should you fix up your home or sell it as is? Sell the home as-is or renovate? This is a question that many sellers deliberate on before putting their homes on the market. The big decisions on whether to replace the outdated countertops or put in more modern and desirable fixtures are enough to keep a seller-to-be up tossing and turning at night. Unfortunately, the answer is complicated and requires the consideration of multiple factors.  The State of the Real Estate Market If the market is a seller market, then it’s likely the home will sell quickly, whether it has… Read More

2021 Market Review: Waukesha County Real Estate

2021 Market Review: Total # of Sales and Average Sales Price As we head into the new year, let’s take a moment to reflect on last year’s real estate market with a market review. To put it simply, the real estate market of 2021 was wild. The demand of 2020 carried into 2021, creating massive amounts of competition that kept prices high and overall inventory low. This environment left buyers scrambling to see houses the same day they hit the market, or loose out, and sellers with a wide variety of offers to choose from. The following graphics will seek… Read More

You’re Being Watched: Use of Recording Equipment During Showings

camera face zooming in, recording

Buyers Beware: Recording is Happening Here Ever tour a home during your real estate journey, and get a feeling someone’s watching? Well, they could have been. According to a survey done by LendingTree, 1 in 3 home sellers admit to secretly recording home buyers during showings. The survey polled just over 2,000 consumers, 347 of whom were sellers. The top reason for using cameras (49%) was to understand what buyers liked and disliked about the home. The remaining reasons were:  – Gather any information that would be useful during negotiations (36%) – Ensure my home is safe during showings (31%)… Read More

Is the Shed Worth it? & Ways to Help a Shed Add Value

Backyard Luxury Sheds: Valuable Addition or Simply a Decorative Element? Commonly referred to as She-sheds, luxury sheds have become many people’s backyard oasis from the chaos of everyday life. With their popularity first taking off in the early 2000s, the pandemic accelerated the growth of the shed market. To many homeowners, it was the solution for increasing living space and providing separation, whether for relaxation or work purposes. However, are these fancy sheds worth it? Do they add any value to your home, especially for a resale? Well, the answer varies on a case-to-case basis or a shed-to-shed basis in… Read More