Myth Monday: Buyer Real Estate Myths-Truth or Fiction?

  Myths are commonplace in our world, and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between the truth and fiction with such established lore. Unfortunately, myths are profuse on both sides of the transaction when it comes to real estate. On Myth Mondays, we will be analyzing common real estate myths and using our experiences/knowledge to label them as truth, fiction, or somewhere in between.  This Monday, our real estate myths are buyer-focused:  The first step on the path to homeownership is to start looking.  Buying a new home means no repairs Buying a condo is just like buying a… Read More

You’re Being Watched: Use of Recording Equipment During Showings

camera face zooming in, recording

Buyers Beware: Recording is Happening Here Ever tour a home during your real estate journey, and get a feeling someone’s watching? Well, they could have been. According to a survey done by LendingTree, 1 in 3 home sellers admit to secretly recording home buyers during showings. The survey polled just over 2,000 consumers, 347 of whom were sellers. The top reason for using cameras (49%) was to understand what buyers liked and disliked about the home. The remaining reasons were:  – Gather any information that would be useful during negotiations (36%) – Ensure my home is safe during showings (31%)… Read More

Purchasing a Home in Oconomowoc: How Buyers Can Succeed in a Constricted Market

  Have Patience, Stay Positive, and Persevere When Looking for a Home in Oconomowoc. It is a competitive market for those looking to purchase a home, especially ones under $300,0000, in the local area. With limited affordable homes available, and strong buyer demand, it can be discouraging to continuously see that Accepted Offer status on houses you’re interested in. To successfully purchase a home in Oconomowoc or neighboring area, it’s important to stay positive and persevere on achieving your home ownership goals. Try not to get easily frustrated and instead, stay focused on reaching your objective.   Get Pre-approved for… Read More

9 Home Features Empty Nesters Should Consider Having

Now that all of your kids flew the nest and beginning the next chapter of their lives, it’s time for you to start the next exciting chapter of yours. By “rightsizing” your home, you could save time and money that could be better spent on things such as traveling, hobbies, and your retirement fund. After all, bigger houses tend to mean more expenses and maintenance. If you are an Empty Nester and have been considering finding a new home to settle down for retirement, one that you could age in place, here are some things to consider:  Ranch style home… Read More