2021 Market Review: Waukesha County Real Estate

2021 Market Review: Total # of Sales and Average Sales Price As we head into the new year, let’s take a moment to reflect on last year’s real estate market with a market review. To put it simply, the real estate market of 2021 was wild. The demand of 2020 carried into 2021, creating massive amounts of competition that kept prices high and overall inventory low. This environment left buyers scrambling to see houses the same day they hit the market, or loose out, and sellers with a wide variety of offers to choose from. The following graphics will seek… Read More

The Nose Knows: 5 Tips on How to Best Use Scent in Home Sales

When preparing to sell a home, the first step recommended to sellers is to stage and improve the property’s curb appeal. In essence, the emphasis is on appealing to the visual sense of potential buyers. However, many sellers could be missing the boat by not appealing to buyers’ other senses, specifically the sense of smell. This sense is managed by the olfactory nerve, which is intertwined with the same part of the brain that deals with memories and emotions. A study on the subject uncovered the following:  75% of all emotions generated every day are due to smell 40% improvement… Read More

Selling a Home in Oconomowoc in 2021: What You Need to Know

You may have heard that it is a strong seller’s market right now. If you have been considering selling, now is a great time before housing prices begin to moderate. Home values in Oconomowoc have increased substantially over the last few years. Due to the high demand for housing in Oconomowoc, it is essential to be prepared before putting your home on the market. Here’s what you need to know if you’re selling your home in the Oconomowoc area in 2021. Things may get hectic. You should be fully prepared to have a lot of foot traffic through your home,… Read More

Strategies for negotiating the best offer for the sale of your home.

In the current local real estate market, sellers often have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating. Here are some strategies for negotiating the best offer for the sale of your home. Secondary Offers. As a seller, you can accept secondary offers that act as a backup, if the first offer (primary) falls through. Even better, you can accept several secondary offers and then choose the best one if the need arises. Countering other offers for the secondary position is a good strategy to secure a closing and get the best price. Employing an experienced and well-educated REALTOR®, can… Read More

Sell Your House for Top Dollar: 10 Tips

If you sell your house while the real estate market is favorable for sellers, it can be rewarding. With record low housing inventory and median prices surging in Wisconsin, many homeowners have been considering cashing in. If you have been pondering the idea of putting your house up for sale, here are 10 tips to help maximize how much money you sell for. 1. Consider getting a pre-home inspection before you sell your house. Things that come up in a home inspection can give buyers re-negotiation leverage and/or delay closing. The age and location of your home are a couple… Read More

Prepare your home to sell in spring

If you’re thinking about listing your home in the next few months, here are some ways to prepare your home to sell in spring. Winter Image by James DeMers Winter Weather Lingers: Focus on the interior to prepare your home to sell in spring. Brighten up your interior. With more hours of daylight ahead, let in more natural lighting. Remove heavy drapes and replace with lighter ones. Sheer curtains as the first layer, is a nice option to maintain some privacy while still letting natural light in.   Swap out dark colors and heavy fabrics. To celebrate that spring is… Read More

4 Things to Know About Buying or Selling Real Estate in 2020.

Spring is just a couple of months away, and soon the spring real estate market will be in full swing once again. Have you been considering making 2020 the year to downsize, trade up, or buy your first or next home? If so, there are things you can do now to remain competitive in another anticipated, lively real estate season. Continue reading to learn how you can prepare to reach your home buying or selling objectives this year. Thinking about selling? Plan ahead to help reduce your stress, and make the home selling process much easier on you and your… Read More

Aerial Photography As a Marketing Tool

Aerial photography from a drone can be a great marketing tool to sell your property, if you have a unique setting or desirable location for instance. Here are some great examples of aerial photography from our archive. Woods and Water Retreat in Ixonia. The aerial photo shows this special property’s gorgeous vistas over the countryside and rivers running through it.   Hilltop Home on Nearly 7 Acres in Rubicon. The shot below shows the privacy this hilltop home offers as it is located on nearly 7 wooded acres. View the full listing HERE.   Unique piece of land for sale… Read More

Conquer 2020. Tips to Achieve your New Year’s Home Resolution.

As 2019 comes to a close, it is a great time to start creating goals for the new year and fresh decade ahead. Your new year’s resolution may include buying your first home, or perhaps selling your existing home to buy your next. Your real estate ambitions may seem overwhelming, but are achievable if you stay organized and keep your finances on track. Here are some advisable tips to put you on a clear path to achieve your home ownership resolutions. Get a head start on your Buying Objectives. Assess your finances and examine your budget. – Determine how much… Read More

4 Noteworthy reasons to sell your home in 2019

Demand for homes in Oconomowoc and the Lake Country area have been in high demand. Since 2017, it has been a strong Seller’s market due to high demand for housing and limited supply. It is still a Seller’s market, but not the red-hot Seller’s market you saw over the last couple years. If you’re thinking about selling, it may be better to do so sooner than later before the housing market shifts more in Buyer’s favor. Housing inventory is still low. The number of homes for sale have been limited in most markets for some time now, enabling a strong… Read More