Future Home Buyers Will Likely Prioritize These Home Features, Because of Quarantine.

Being in quarantine and spending more time at home may have brought to light the features of your house you appreciate, and the qualities you wish it had. If you are planning to move this year, here are a few areas around the house to look for in your next home.

Sufficient Storage.

If you stocked up on groceries and other essential items, like toilet paper, you may have realized that your current home lacks adequate storage space. Home features, such as a large pantry, ample cabinets, and generous sized closets can come in handy for your stockpile needs.

Upgraded Kitchen.

With the stay at home order, you may have been cooking and baking more than usual. After spending extra time in the kitchen, you might have recognized what kitchen features you really want, such as:

  • A multi-functional island.
  • More counter space.
  • Upgraded appliances.
  • A farmhouse sink.
  • A Streamlined layout.

Home Office.

Having a designated office space (with a door), can help improve your working- from-home situation. The versatile space could also be used as a guest bedroom or hobby room.


Outdoor Oasis.

An outdoor space may now be in your top requirements for your next home. Having a place to relax and get some fresh air, without having to leave your home, can help ease your stress and anxiety.


Exercise Space.

If you have your own exercise area at home, you don’t have to skip a workout if the gyms are closed. Having a dedicated space in your home to exercise can make working out less of a hassle.


Inviting Family Room.

An inviting space in the home that encourages gathering, can be the ideal spot for family game or movie night. A family room that can accommodate seating for the whole family comfortably, can help create a welcoming setting.

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