Is the Shed Worth it? & Ways to Help a Shed Add Value

Backyard Luxury Sheds: Valuable Addition or Simply a Decorative Element?

Small Blue Shed with Windows
Photo from Danielle Rice on Unsplash

Commonly referred to as She-sheds, luxury sheds have become many people’s backyard oasis from the chaos of everyday life. With their popularity first taking off in the early 2000s, the pandemic accelerated the growth of the shed market. To many homeowners, it was the solution for increasing living space and providing separation, whether for relaxation or work purposes. However, are these fancy sheds worth it? Do they add any value to your home, especially for a resale?

Well, the answer varies on a case-to-case basis or a shed-to-shed basis in this instance. However, there is a greater potential of adding value if it adheres to a few rules. . .

  1. It is on a foundation

When it’s not on a foundation, it’s personal property and doesn’t contribute towards the appraisal value. If it’s on a foundation, then an appraiser may add it into the property’s overall value. However, one thing to note is that if it’s on a foundation, it becomes taxable*.

  1. It has all its proper permits, if necessary

Without proper building permits, the shed can quickly become a liability and deterrent to a sale—besides not adding any appraisal value. So, be sure to always check your local laws regarding building before you start the process.

  1. It is easily convertible

Although you may want to build out the shed to your exact desires and building specifications, it will be more desirable if it’s more easily convertible, offering the potential for easy conversion for different uses.

  1. It is esthetically pleasing & made with quality materials

For adding value, the outside of your shed does matter. If the shed is a square with a roof—you’re not likely to get much interest. To add the most value, you should match the aesthetic of your home and use the highest quality materials when building. Although custom-built sheds will be deemed more valuable, typically—a well-built, high-quality prefabricated shed can still add value.

  1. It is well-maintained

If the shed isn’t well-maintained, any potential value gained by its presence on the property quickly disappears. A dilapidated shed is not only an eye-sore that may cause buyers to spend less on a home; it could also prevent a loan from being issued.


All in all, if you’re considering putting a shed in for the value additive properties-we would recommend to forgo it; because any added value will likely not be equal to the cost of the shed. However, if it’s something you really want, whether it adds resale value or not – then you should certainly add one to your property!


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