Selling a Home in Oconomowoc in 2021: What You Need to Know

You may have heard that it is a strong seller’s market right now. If you have been considering selling, now is a great time before housing prices begin to moderate. Home values in Oconomowoc have increased substantially over the last few years.

Due to the high demand for housing in Oconomowoc, it is essential to be prepared before putting your home on the market. Here’s what you need to know if you’re selling your home in the Oconomowoc area in 2021.

Things may get hectic.

You should be fully prepared to have a lot of foot traffic through your home, especially if it is priced at $350,000 or lower. It is recommended to remove personal items and de-clutter.

We have seen listings get back-to-back showing requests, prompting the need to reduce the maximum showing length for potential buyers to just 15 minutes. As the seller, you’re in charge to dictate the showing schedule, and can have days and times pre-blocked off as desired.


Have a new place lined up.

The average number of days that homes are staying on the market are down, meaning they are selling quicker. Make sure you have a new place lined up, in case your home sells quick. We have seen sellers get offers the first day their home is listed.


The highest and/or first offer is not always the best.

In today’s market, it is not uncommon for sellers to receive multiple offers, above asking price. It is important to look at all the conditions of each offer, not just the price.

For example, if a buyer has a financing contingency, ask for their pre-approval letter from their lender and make sure the dates are valid. This will give you an idea of how much they can afford, to help you gage if they might be offering more than they can handle, which increases the risk of the deal falling through.


Choose who you work with wisely.

Selling a home can be stressful, due to all the moving parts involved. The real estate agent you hire matters more than ever. Your realtor should be someone you can rely on to manage numerous phone calls, multiple offers and negotiations on your behalf.

The process can be chaotic, and you want to be assured that your professional real estate agent will help mitigate your stress, and have your best interest in mind. Selling your home with a well-versed agent can guide you to a smooth and successful closing.

If you don’t have an agent, we can help you find a great match with someone from our team. Send us an email at or fill out the short form below.