11 weekend projects to improve your home

Update hardware.

Swap out your dated hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms for a newer look. You will find that there are many styles, finishes, and colors to choose from.

Hang carved corbels.

Hanging decorative corbels under breakfast bars, mantels, shelves and in entryway corners can be a stylish way to add some character and charm to your home.


Add crown molding.

The use of the decorative finish can make a room more pleasing to the eye. Crown molding helps give a room a more stylish look. When used selectively, it can distinguish the more formal areas of your house from the casual areas.


Create an awe-inspiring pantry.

Start fresh by emptying out your pantry and cleaning it. Categorize items to quickly find what you need. Make use of lazy Susans, glass or clear plastic containers, and baskets to help save space. Label items to easily locate them. Utilize door and extra wall space by hanging shelves and hooks. Being a high traffic area, an organized pantry can make a great impression on future home buyers.

Install a smart thermostat.

Replacing your thermostat with a smart one is a modern update that can appeal to future home buyers. Many of the devices can be controlled by your phone and voice, to easily adjust your heating and cooling settings.


Mount your T.V.

Save space by mounting your TVs on your wall. For an even more sleek look, you can run the cords behind the drywall. Mounting your TV can make a room feel larger, and eliminates the need for a bulky T.V. stand.

Revamp your laundry area.

Transform your laundry room from bleak to charming. Add some cabinets, shelving, and hooks to organize. If your laundry area is in the basement, put down a rug to warm up the space and add color. Utilizing liquid dispensers for laundry detergent and softener adds convenience, and gives a cleaner look. Throw in some decorative items on the shelves or walls to complete your space.


Replace your faucets.

Upgrading your kitchen and bathroom faucets to more modern and stylish ones can instantly make the room feel more contemporary.


Design a stylish entryway.

An inviting entryway can help your home feel more welcoming. A statement rug can add personality. Hooks, shelves, a bench and a small table can all add function to the space.


Create a drop zone.

For your backdoor entrance, create an organized drop zone for items such keys, dog leashes, backpacks, and winter accessories. Hooks and baskets are a great way to contain items, while making them easily accessible. Designating a drop zone in your home can help reduce a cluttered feel.


Replace old ceiling fans.

An old ceiling fan can make the whole room feel outdated. Trade your old ceiling fan for a more modern style or replace with a lighting fixture. Lighting fixtures can dramatically change the look and style of a room.


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