Best Gifts to Get the New Homeowner for Christmas

Our 13 Gift Suggestions For the New Homeowner

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Do you have a new homeowner in your life that you’re looking to give the perfect Christmas gift? Check out our 13 suggestions for a present for those in your life that have recently acquired a new residence!


  1. Kitchen Gadgets

    For someone moving into a new home, a new gadget may be the perfect addition to their kitchen: a blender, instant pot, air fryer, or even waffle maker. These things tend to run a bit more expensive, so be sure to make sure that you’re not buying duplicates or something they won’t use.

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  2. Personalized Doormat

    Help celebrate the milestone by gifting the homeowners something they’ll see and use every day.

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  3. Indoor Garden Set

    Give someone the gift of fresh produce all year-long with an indoor garden, which is especially helpful in Wisconsin winters.

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  4. Blueland Clean Essentials

    After moving into a new home and unpacking, cleaning is likely the last thing they want to do—but with Blueland’s cleaning products, cleaning is both easy and green! Blueland uses reusable packaging and plastic-free refills alongside a clean formula.

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  5. Food Storage Containers

    Friends don’t let friends keep leftovers in Styrofoam containers. Instead, show some love by gifting some glass, plastic, or metal food storage containers.

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  6. Toolkit

    It might not be a very aesthetically pleasing gift, but it is a very practical gift that will likely get plenty of use. You can always create one based on the homeowners’ needs and particular situations or simply purchase a standard tool kit from a home improvement store.

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  7. Fire Extinguisher

    Help keep the occupants of the home safe by purchasing them their very own fire extinguisher. A gift you hope they don’t have to use but will feel good knowing they have.

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  8. Plant Subscription Service

    A plant subscription is a perfect gift for those with a “green” thumb to help start filling their new home with plants. This company even offers a pet-friendly box for those who are both dog/cat and plant parents.

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  9. Coasters

    Coasters are a great gift to keep all the new furniture protected from stains or spills, especially due to the massive amounts of customization and variety available when purchasing.

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  10. Blanket or Throw

    For the homeowner that appreciates cuddling up on the sofa with a cozy blanket and a good book or show, then a nice blanket that is luxurious but also attractive is a must.

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  11. Backyard Games

    If the new home has a backyard, getting the owner an engaging backyard game is the perfect way to ensure that they can get out and enjoy it.

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  12. Board Games

    Alternatively, board games are also another great gift for new homeowners as they provide entertainment and the opportunity for quality time.

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  13. Gift Card

    If you’re having difficulty deciding on a singular thing to purchase for the new homeowner in your life this Christmas, never fear-gift cards are here! Gift them the gift of choice with a card to a home improvement store, garden center, a local restaurant near their home, or anywhere else!


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