Home Sales in a Wisconsin Winter: Our Tips to a Successful Sale

Wisconsin Winter Home Sales: Tips & Tricks to Aid in a Transaction

home during snow fall
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So, you have to sell your home during the winter months of Wisconsin? While it’s not traditionally the ideal market, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your listing. In fact, because many sellers don’t list their homes in winter–it means your home will have lower levels of competition. Additionally, the buyers searching during the winter are typically more serious about purchasing a house. Therefore, a successful transaction is well within your reach, especially if you follow some easy tips. 

Turn Up the Heat

You want the temperature to be comfortable inside your home, inviting buyers to stay a little longer. The Department of Energy recommends a heat setting of 68 °F, while a study done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that most residents veer towards a heat set between 67 and 70 °F, for maximum comfort and energy savings. 

Clear the Path

Although it can be tough to keep up in snowy Wisconsin winters, keeping clear paths will be worth it. Additionally, if you have a driveway, keeping it clear will also help make entrance to your home easier. 


As winter days are short, lighting is an important aspect to keep in mind. Be sure to replace any lighting that is out or dim to ensure that your home is well-illuminated. Also, be sure to turn on all lights so the house is lit up and stands out when buyers arrive. You could even consider putting in some spotlights in the yard for it to pop. 

Summer/Spring Pictures 

During winter, it can be difficult for buyers to get the whole picture of the property. Perhaps you have stunning landscape or views, but the interested parties won’t be able to see it in the winter. Therefore, it’s essential to have pictures printed out that showcase your home and property in the summer or spring seasons. 

Add a Rug or Boot Mat 

Winter weather = messes, and you don’t want all that mud or snow tracked through your staged home. By adding a rug or boot mat, you can save yourself work and improve the buyers’ experience by eliminating the potential for mess. 

Stow Away the Winter Gear

Although it’s convenient to have a winter gear pile right by the front door for a quick grab and go, it’s not conducive for a buyers’ “wow” moment. The front area of your home is the first impression buyers will have of the interior, and you don’t want their first impression to be of your mismatched gloves or five different winter coats. 

Keep Decorations Simple

Even though you may be celebrating the holidays over the winter seasons and want to do your typical decorations inside your home—you should consider keeping it very simple and tame. Decorations could potentially distract a buyer from the bones and flow of the house, which may cause you to lose out on a sale. 

Get Snow-Free Photos if Possible 

Although the weather is unpredictable, getting snow-free photos is something to aim for. The snow can obscure your home, and also, may lack visual appeal to buyer; meaning they may be less likely to click on the listing. If you can’t avoid the snow, then be sure that your realtor is getting photos when the shadows are not too harsh (as the snow will exaggerate the shadows) and that the exposure is fine-tuned.

Remove Outside Decorations 

You want your house to stand out, but you don’t want outside holiday decorations to take away from the home itself. So if you’re selling your house in winter, forgo the inflatable decorations for a year—as some buyers will be turned away by such things. 

Keep Holiday Scents Uncomplicated

If you’ve read our previous blog posts on the best way to use scents in home sales (check it out here!), then you’ll know where we are going with this. Holiday scents can be fun–pine, peppermint, gingerbread, and so many more! It can be so tempting to plugin or light up every possible scent, but if you’re in the process of selling your home, we would suggest holding off. A blend of different winter or holiday scents wafting through the air could make a buyer uninterested, or worse, make them think that you’re trying to hide something scent-wise. To be safe, stick to one universally appealing scent that is not too strong.

Above all, price it right. Although pricing the home right is always important, it’s imperative during the winter months as pricing it too high will further discourage buyers from venturing out in the cold weather to tour your home. If you’re interested in selling your home this winter and looking to price it right–reach out to a member of our team for their expert advice on Wisconsin winter home sales!

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